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Step to Sea +34 672 634 604
Bergantin 10A 3D Torrevieja, Spain

About company

The company Step to Sea counts 10 years of history. It was born and raised in Spain, on the sunny Costa Blanca, gradually acquiring experience and understanding in the intricacies of the market, the specific features of local laws and way of life, getting a feel of the traditions of this country.

Step to Sea is not just a real estate agency. Over the years of working in Spain we have learned a lot of new things, visited lots of interesting places. We faced problems and difficulties and we successfully…


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Why choose us?

10 лет успешной работы! 10 years of success!

Steptosea – is not just a real estate agency. Over the years, in Spain, we have learned a lot and visited interesting places. Faced with the problems and difficulties and successfully solved them.

10 лет успешной работы! Flexible Search!

Step to Sea – a supporter of a democratic approach and all those who appealed to us, becoming a reliable friend for life. We are not bureaucrats, meticulously count every penny!

10 лет успешной работы! BEST CHOICE ON THE MARKET

What is a Step to Sea? This is a team of professionals, which is more than 10 years on the real estate market in Spain, helping our clients to buy a successful future.

10 лет успешной работы! Broad consultation

Our company is committed to make all the information available for when you contact us with a view to buying property in Spain.

10 лет успешной работы! No Commission

Unlike other companies, working with us the client does not pay a commission